History of Yalova University

Aiming to bring up individuals who possess modern equipments to be integrated with the world, Yalova University has been established being announced on the Official Press with the date of 31st March 2008 and 26892 number. Yalova University dates back to Uludağ University Yalova Vocational School. Due to the need of a university in Yalova that became a province in 1995, Yalova Higher Education Foundation was established on 22nd January, 1996. On 19th February, 2007 Yalova University Association was established. At the end of the activities to establish a university, being a young and dynamic university in Yalova, which is a new province, Yalova University started education in 2008 under the leadership of Founding Rector M. Niyazi ERUSLU. The young and dynamic university, Yalova University aims to provide education with the innovative departments needed by our country. Yalova University is a new and rapidly growing university. Among the newly established universities, Yalova University has shone out with its works, success and differences and competed with other strong universities. With its strong academic and experienced administrative personnel, national and international strong relations and geographical advantage, the university has been aiming to possess social and technical departments which are the leaders in their fields in the near future.

Mission, Vision, Values

In the light of global values, to be a university which produces information and technology by training individuals that have a questioning , participating, researching, analyzing, positive, and innovative way of thinking. To progress as a technology oriented world university locally efficient, owning a global success, engaged with educational research and development. Yalova University will be loyal to the following merits while maintaining national and international activities in conscious of its existence and the duty that is supposed to be fulfilled in accordance with the society’s expectations:

  • Academic Freedom
  • Being Scientific
  • Contemporaneousness
  • Environmentalism
  • Universality
  • Quality
  • Participation
  • Student Focused
  • Sharing
  • Transparency
  • Innovativeness
  • Technology Focused