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Necessary Information for Students

1Required Documents for Application and Registration

Application Procedure

Prospective International Students applications should be made as follows:

1) Students must fill out the online form

2) Students can send scanned copies of the required documents via web upload, send by e-mail, or send by post to our address.

Documents required for License Applications:

1) High school certificate ( with the offical transript

2) All high school transcripts / Notes (third and fourth years)

3) Copy of passport

4) 2 photos

5) If available, an English Language Proficiency Exam for points (eg TOEFL or IELTS or Cambridge Certificate). English requirement is discussed further below.

6) NOTE: International students consulted with SAT scores,

Please Private Institutions (DI) code: 7293 - Send your score document using the Bilgi University in Istanbul.

Please Private Institutions (DI) Code: - Send your points document using the Okan University.

Please Private Institutions (DI) code: - Send your score using the University Biruni document.

Please Private Institutions (DI) code: ...... .. Send your score document using the University.

Registration Procedures:

If after evaluation and the application is accepted, students 'Letter of Acceptance' will be sent.

'Letter of Acceptance' student's home / place of residence to the nearest Turkish Embassy or the Consulate 'Student Visa' will be used to get. 'After Student Visa' s given, the student provided the following original documents to provide university enrollment process takes place.

1) The original high school document (English or Turkish)

2) Foreign high school equivalency certificate for the certificate (or equivalent document provided by the Turkish Embassy in Istanbul Provincial Education Department. Additional information will be provided by the International Advertising office during registration and will be described in detail

3) Original High School Transcript (English or Turkish)

4) The original passport

5) Tuition fee bank receipt

6) 6 passport photos

7) English proficiency test (eg IELTS, TOEFL)

2High School Equivalency Certificate
Provincial Directorate of National Education in Istanbul (and in some cases the Turkish Embassy / Consulate) certify that the foreign high school certificate issued by Turkey is an easy process that coincided with a high school certificate (Turkey 'Equivalency Certificate').
3English Language Requirement

Some universities in the language of instruction is English, so students' English proficiency will be assessed as follows:

If future international students get enough points from one of the following English Proficiency exam, students will be exempted from the English Preparatory Program for one academic year:

NOTE: International students, TOEFL iBT information and our private institutions as detailed in the Registration Bulletin

(DI) code is: 8256 - Istanbul Bilgi University must submit a TOEFL score report using.

(DI) code is: 8256 - Istanbul Bilgi University must submit a TOEFL score report using.

(DI) code is: 8256 - Istanbul Bilgi University must submit a TOEFL score report using.

(DI) code is: 8256 - Istanbul Bilgi University must submit a TOEFL score report using.

The future of international students can not get enough points from one of the English Language Proficiency Test or Not to Test Students arrival / during registration related university - Exemption Authority must take the test. 2) Corporate Exemption Test failed with the English program of the university for one academic year before the start of the academic study of 'must attend the English Preparatory Program. This preparation is not included in the total number of years of study required for graduation. English Preparatory Program "for the annual tuition fees ranged from $ 8,100 to 10,000 USD

4Student Visa

Student Visa Foreign students are increasingly the nearest Turkish Consulate in their country as they receive a letter of acceptance from the university before they are admitted to Turkey must obtain a valid student visa.

Residence Permit All foreign students in the city they are living Police Department must obtain permission from the Foreigners Department. By law, foreign students are required to obtain permission to enter Turkey after living within a month. The permit must be renewed each year by presenting a valid student certificate.

Social Life Hacettepe is a great opportunity to read it to get a quality education, but here you will find it even more, theaters, cinemas, concerts, opera, ballet and modern dance performances can join. Sculpture, painting, you can watch the photo exhibition.

Student Associations University will add color to your life can participate in various student groups, all kinds of sports activities you want, you can take part in cultural and artistic activities are available.

5About Health Insurance

According to the law in the Official newspaper No. 6111, published on 25 February 2011 Social Security Institution of foreign students studying in Turkey (SGK) are required to be insured. This insurance General Health Insurance (GSS) is called. Students of the amount determined as the lowest premiums continue their education is believed that as long as they have to pay an annual basis. This quantity amounts to approximately 440 per year.

5 Steps to Health Insurance:

Please check your Foreign Identification Number: Please visit https://tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/ webside. if you do not know your alien identification number for questioning. When you learned foreign ID. If you do not learn your alien identification number on what it finds, along with your residence permit Safety / foreigners go to the Branch. Please request the foreign ID.

Your Foreign Identification Number which you can obtain from the above web page, your name and you get 2 units of output that shows your name. One of these appeared in the Department of Student Affairs, in charge of your department advisors until be sure to deliver. (It took you do not need to do a more in advance).

Other output Hacettepe University Medical Center (Medico) over to accrual Unit.

Your entry will be made in the GSS Accrual Unit.

Your annual premium in addition to the campus and the Agricultural Bank of foreign identity VakifBank

You can pay by saying your number.

Make your monthly insurance payments to the Social Security Agency. (First payment starts one month after the insurance input.)

The amount of the monthly insurance premium to be paid by international students: 35 Turkish Lira

from the date 01.07.2012-31.12.2012 is 37 Turkish Lira

http://www.hushhostelistanbul.com/ • http://www.hostelneverland.com/main.htm You can search for other hostels in İstanbul at; • http://www.hostelworld.com/hostels/Istanbul/Turkey You can always search for some available room or apart via; • http://www.sahibinden.com/en/ • http://www.hurriyetemlak.com • http://istanbul.tr.craigslist.com.tr/
2Right to Work
International students can not work any paid job during their education. New regulations on this issue on the agenda. However, universities in Turkey, offers a rich internship opportunities in the areas they are trained to international students. Universities, students gain the work experience they support. Many public institutions and organizations that provide internship opportunities to students this reason, civil society and private sector organizations (tourism, industry, commerce, communication, etc. Are active in the field) are available. In addition to internship opportunities within the country and abroad, there are many opportunities will allow to do an internship. In particular, civil society organizations and developing partnerships with private sector organizations abroad, international internships offer students the opportunity to gain experience Internship Opportunity found Major Institutions and Organizations: Parliament each year, law, communications, computers, for students studying in international relations "Legislative Process" offers internship opportunities. TUBITAK, the Central Bank, ISE, in public institutions such as TRT, it is possible to do an internship in banks and private companies..
3Safety and Legal

Turkey is a safe country, but you can pass on quite uncomfortable with offensive can apply easily to the nearest police station or the team when faced with any situation or your complaint by calling the police emergency number 155 police officers. Also found that members of the police in the police who speak a foreign language will solve your problem as soon as possible.

In Turkey, you must obey the law and related regulations covering foreign nationals is very important for the emergence of negative situations 5682 Passport Act according to the submission of a valid passport to enter Turkey and to make entry of the open border crossing to international passenger traffic, primarily by passport police in the input process Completion of the passport control and the country then it is obligatory to input or output operation of customs and other procedures. After arrival in Turkey "on Residence and Travel of Foreigners Act 5683" at the latest within 30 days in accordance with provincial police office are required to apply to the foreign branch. Residence permit expired that if within 15 days or before the end of the application for renewal must be made. Residential address within 48 hours of the change, within 15 days of the change in marital status, residence permit loss / loss must be reported to the security authorities. After completing your studies preparatory to make your return, if you want to spend your holiday in Turkey for a while or who maintain contact with the school environment, including once six (6) months until you can get a residence permit.

4About Turkey Scholarships

Scholarship applications are beginning to Turkey on 25 February. Deadline for applications March 31, 2015. This year degree, master's and doctoral applications will be taken in the same period.

Scholarship applications are made in Turkey online and free.

Candidates will only make reference to the history of education and in accordance with one of the scholarship program for future academic goals.

Turkey Scholarships, grants and offers the right candidate to winning both accepted into a program at the same time. Scholarship candidates who are placed in one of the programs that have opted for the application documents.

The language of many of the programs in Turkish universities is Turkish. However, some universities offer programs in English or French, and training opportunities. Candidates wishing to study these languages, a language must ensure that the document adopted at the international level needed for these languages. In addition, many of these universities and programs taught in foreign languages, GRE, GMAT, etc. is seeking registration as a condition for international exams. Candidates can check the records during college and choosing foreign language programs and special conditions of the program.

Turkey and Turkish Proficiency Certificate placed on all non-candidates (including those placed in a program offered in English or French education) 1 year is required to take Turkish education..

Art and Sports Scholarship Program, which this year will be opened for the first time in the application, the arts and our country all over the world talented students in sports licenses with opportunities Turkey Scholarships in university, graduate or doctoral (Ph.D. study) aims to promote the vision of education. Applicants who are accepted into the program will receive the first Turkish education as a scholarship for 1 year within the scope of Turkish Scholarship. Then, according to the area where the application of the candidates are expected to accept our country from the arts and sports faculty of the university. Of applicants to the program, proof of the success of the area where the applicant (official certification, portfolio, etc.) Are expected to have.

Scholarship Coverage

• Monthly scholarship (license 600 TL, graduate: 850 TL doctorate: 1200 TL)

• University fees

• 1 year Turkish language education

• 1 year Turkish language education

• Round-trip airfare

• Round-trip airfare

Terms of Reference

To be able to apply to the graduate program candidates;

• Be a citizen of a country other than Turkey (now or in the past Turkish citizenship candidates are not admitted)

• The applicant is not registered to the level of a university program in Turkey

• By the end of the school year to graduate from high school or equivalent educational institutions,

• License to be under the age of 21 to apply for (and must be born after 01.01.1994)

• Transcript of grades, diplomas, grade, national or international exam determined from at least one of the criteria (for health sciences degree programs, 90%, 70% for other degree programs) have provided a minimum of success,

• There should be no obstacle to training a health problem.

To be able to apply to the graduate program of the candidate;

• Be a citizen of a country other than Turkey (now or in the past Turkish citizenship candidates are not admitted)

• The applicant is not registered to the level of a university program in Turkey

• Having graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program at the latest as of July 30, 2015,

• Be under the age of 30 applicants for the graduate (and should be born after 01.01.1985)

• Doctorate to be under the age of 35 to apply for (and must be born after 01.01.1980)

• The relevant international or national grading systems have demonstrated a graduate success rate of 75% in the exam with a minimum GPA of 75% or diploma note or notes and the maximum validity through

• There should be no obstacle to training a health problem.

Reference Documents

License Applications

• Online application

• The candidate shows that in the last year or graduate certificate / diploma,

• Note indicating the courses and grades mean that the candidate gets cast

• Copy of a valid identity document (passport, identity card, birth certificate, etc.).

• Photograph

Graduate Applications

• Online application

• Bachelor's or Master's degree or a bachelor's degree or a copy of a copy of the master's program document indicates that in the final year students,

• Approved undergraduate and / or graduate copy of the transcript (indicating the courses and grades received by the candidate)

• Photograph

Of the candidates;

• Entering the www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr

• clicks the online application form,

• Enter the e-mail address and password to create a user account,

• Read the application forms,

• fill in the application form by logging in to the system,

• Installing the necessary documentation systems

• and finally complete their applications is expected .

5102 Questions and Answers for International Education Services

What is the Foreign Identification Number, where to take?

Will reside in Turkey for more than 90 days are given identification numbers to foreign nationals. Residence Permits Provincial Administration of the Ministry of Interior Immigration Directorate refer to the document to be written in the residence permit within 90 days after. What is the student visa?

when someone Come to our country to study entry visa is given by our foreign representative to international students. Turkey won the scholarship candidates before coming to Turkey, Turkish Embassies / Consulates to apply must obtain this visa. What Permits residence? How to take?

A document showing that legally reside in Turkey. All international students will be educated in Turkey must receive this document. With our overseas offices received student visa, from the date of entry into Turkey in the first month, the Ministry of education is seen in the application to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration. Residence Permit by mail to the address given in the application made no later than 90 days from the date the application is submitted by the General Directorate of Immigration Administration. If the residence permit document will be faced with criminal practice. Turkey visa and residence to be close to Turkey to see the training of future students with scholarships?

Student residence permit, the student's parents and other relatives with his father, does not provide any rights on obtaining a residence permit. But the student's spouse or family can apply for a visa and residence came to Turkey.

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